Having or being composed of differing elements in humans, such as age, color, height, weight, disability, family status, marital status, generation, gender identity, genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion and criminal record

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Talking about Diversity

More About Diversity

Diversity and Equality

Diversity is our fabric

Diversity is:
  • Interracial

  • Modern
  • Beneficial
  • Mixing pot
  • Broad minded
  • Vital
  • Fun
  • Makes us stronger
  • Inclusiveness
  • Black and white
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • America
  • More
  • Equality
  • Buffet
  • Equality
  • Includes gender race culture
  • So important
  • Highschool
  • Good
  • None
  • Immigration
  • Need more
  • What is it
  • Rainbow
  • USA
  • Promote integration