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Early voting information by state


I Side With is a nonpartisan website that offers voters information on a wide variety of current issues, voting data, candidates and elections. It also provides the user with the option to take a test to see what candidate they most align with according to their answers from the survey. It provides polls for its users to see what others feel about certain political topics.

AAPD Voter
Resource Center

This has a comprehensive list of voting resources for those with disabilities. The REV UP Campaign aims to increase the political power of the disability community while also engaging candidates and the media on disability issues. REV UP stands for Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power! The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities.


Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Our goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government. We are firmly committed to neutrality in our content


Vote 411 is a website created to help voters directly with all their voting needs. It provides information on absentee ballots, early voting options, ID requirements, polling place locations, registration deadlines, and much more. It also gives ballot measure information when available as well as information on the different candidates.

Elections Assistance

The EAC provides timely and useful information to American voters, who deserve accessible, accurate and secure elections.


Rock the Vote – Find all the information you need to vote in your state.


The national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition works year-round to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to vote and have that vote count. Made up of more than 100 local, state and national partners, Election Protection uses a wide range of tools and activities to protect, advance and defend the right to vote. Election Protection provides Americans from coast to coast with comprehensive information and assistance at all stages of voting.


Vote Smart is a nonpartisan website that was made for voters to be able to investigate their candidates in a much deeper way. It has bios of all the candidates as well as past votes they have made, their positions on different issues, their ratings, past speeches, and who is funding the candidate.


CVP provides resources for students and administrators on campuses to develop and enhance democratic engagement programming. The resources include everything from voter registration drives and engagement activities for students, to guidance on developing student engagement plans and handbook language for administrators.


With the help of this website, you will no longer have to wonder whether you have the right to vote and will no longer have to ask, “can I restore my right to vote?” If you are a United States citizen, you can answer the key questions about your conviction(s) and determine if you are eligible to vote right now, or eligible to go through the process to restore your right to vote.


Issue voter was made for voters to be able to track their representative’s activity. This includes if they attended a vote and how they voted. Voters are able to track certain issues they care about and get breaking news on those issues as well. Voters are also able to get news on issues that may not be in the headlines.

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