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Without Reservations: Supporting Human Rights For Native Americans

Everybody is treated the same, regardless of their differences

Without Reservations: Supporting Human Rights For Native Americans

We must all do our part to contribute to the human rights of every person in the world. As global citizens, we can make small changes to our lives to support the human rights of individuals whose human rights have traditionally been violated in the past. Here are some things you can do today as an American citizen to support the human rights of Native Americans.

Learn More About the History of America

The best way to empower yourself against human rights violations is to educate yourself more on the history of American human and civil rights. In particular, it’s recommended that you learn the true story of Christopher Columbus and the controversies surrounding the discovery of the new world. 


Many Native Americans are resentful and grieved by the celebrations that surround Christopher Columbus Day. Most Americans are unaware of the brutal treatment the explorers imposed on the natives of the new world countries they discovered. 


The main points of contention include the forced violent slavery imposed on the indigenous people, the forced conversion tactics for the natives to convert to Christianity, and the introduction of a variety of diseases brought from Europe that had adverse long-term effects on the native population.

For these reasons and the despicable violence and discrimination indigenous people suffered at the hands of explorers and settlers, President Biden has proclaimed Christopher Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day. This doesn’t make it an official federal holiday. It only allows for the observance to take place on the same day. There’s currently a massive following of activists lobbying for the federal holiday to be officially renamed.

Support Indigenous People’s Events

Many special events are dedicated to celebrating the Native American culture. You can also choose to support peaceful vigils, marches, and rallies. Also, keep an eye out for online events. 

Indigenous People’s Day (celebrated on the same day as Christopher Columbus Day) offered many opportunities where people got involved in supporting Native American human and civil rights. This year on 10 October 2022, there was a Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island that was attended by a massive gathering of people. There will be another Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island that you can attend on 24 November 2022.

You can also join the National Museum of the American Indian Panel and follow them on Twitter. In addition, there are many other online social networks that you can join and support. Look out for live coverage of events on social sites if you’re unable to attend them in person.

Support Businesses Owned By Native Americans

Some fabulous winter wear is produced and manufactured by the Native American people. Support a Native-owned business the next time you want to spoil yourself with some great winter clothes. In doing this, you’ll be supporting much-needed economic development for these communities. There are magnificent original handcrafted artwork produced by very talented Native American artists that you can purchase.

Final Word

There are numerous ways that you can support the human and civil rights of Native Americans. You can make a point of educating your friends and family on the history and struggles of the indigenous people. You can also read books written by Native American authors. The list of opportunities is endless. All you have to do is be committed to making a change one small step at a time!







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