The Advantages of US Immigration

Travel into a country for the purpose of permanent residence there

Immigration is a tendentious issue in the US. Some US citizens argue immigration can lead to extra pressure on US public services, overcrowding, unemployment, and a decrease in wages. However, immigration has its advantages that most seem to overlook.

The Potential For Entrepreneurship

When a person is willing to leave their country of birth, it’s more likely that that person will take more risks to make a success of their life and begin their own business. Young and ambitious immigrants also drive their children to be more successful and take full advantage of what the US offers. Access to first-world school systems and colleges has produced some of the most successful entrepreneurs from immigrant parents.

For example, Abdul Fattah, Steve Job’s father, was originally from Syria. Jeff Bezos’ father immigrated to the US from Cuba. He later went on to create Amazon. Sergey Brin’s father was from Russia. Sergei went on to be one of the creators of Google.

Dealing With An Aging Workforce

Economies in the West are facing an aging workforce and population due to a lower birth rate. This has caused a much larger dependency on tax revenues, social care services, and government spending. The US is no different. Skilled immigration relieves the shortages in social and health care, contributing to tax revenue and boosting the US workforce.

Filling Low Paying / Prestige Jobs

It’s a fact there are job sectors in the US that are low-paying or undesirable to most. Farmers in America rely quite heavily on immigrant workers to complete hands-on farming jobs like picking crops. Immigrant unskilled workers benefit many businesses that solely rely on a seasonal and flexible workforce to fill much-needed low prestige or paying jobs.

Contributing to the GDP

There’s a fear that immigrants to the US take away jobs from US citizens. This is known as the lump of labor fallacy: believing that available jobs remain fixed. This is not the case since a larger immigrant workforce leads to an increased demand for goods and services, thereby growing the need for more jobs in those sectors. Employed immigrants contribute to the growth in the US GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Government Net Benefits

Most immigrants in the US are young and working. All working persons pay taxes and are less likely to use fewer health care services. US immigrants have a substantial positive impact on the government’s Net income as there’s more money available to improve social structures.

Resolving Urgent Skills Shortages

Currently, in the US, there are significant skills shortages. According to experts, this lack of supply in these job shortages is likely to restrain economic growth in the US. Corporations are failing to find talent and soft skills in applicants to fill specific jobs. This opens up a massive need for skilled international immigrants.

There are major shortages in the US for professionals in Computer Systems Analysis and Network Architects, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Training Specialists, Accountants, and Auditors, to name a few. Other skills shortages include applicants with communication, problem-solving, and negotiating soft skills.

The Bottom Line

There are many positives of US immigration and why it shouldn’t be barred. Instead, it should be managed correctly. Policymakers should make the necessary changes so that we all can take advantage of a structured reform while, at the same time, mitigating the costs.,unemployed%20were%20looking%20for%20work