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Retirement Security: The Top 3 Financial Threats You’ll Face As a Retiree

The level of comfort you have with the resources that are intended to support you through retirement and provide a standard of living similar to what you experienced before retirement

Retirement Security: The Top 3 Financial Threats You’ll Face As a Retiree

In the 21st century, retirees face several financial threats and challenges. Unfortunately, nobody can predict the future. The closest you can get to a magical crystal ball is to better prepare yourself for these inevitable challenges you’ll face in your golden years.

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The Risk of Longevity

The advancements made in self-health (the ability for individuals to live healthier lifestyles, prevent diseases, coping with illnesses and disabilities without the support of a professional health care provider), medical care, and technology are profound. This has resulted in people’s life expectancy increasing considerably.

The average life expectancy from the age 65 has increased to 22 years. Retirees are spending a long time in retirement, and unfortunately, a retirement fund can only stretch so far until it’s completely depleted.

It’s highly recommended that you know exactly when you plan to retire. Knowing when you’ll start collecting Social Security benefits is crucial. This will give you an indication of the monthly budget that’ll be available to you during your retirement years. It will also determine how long your retirement savings will be able to support you and your spouse (if needed).

Rising Inflation

It’s unfortunate, but the money you place in your savings account today will have less worth and buying power in 25 years. Most retirees are also unaware that medical costs consistently exceed inflation. Social Security benefits may increase yearly to keep up with inflation. However, your retirement savings or resources do not and will remain stagnant.

Thankfully, there are various ways to combat your nest egg’s decreasing value. When planning your retirement, you must calculate the effect inflation will have on your retirement savings. Once you’ve wrapped your head around this, you can take the necessary steps to lessen the blow.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator will give you a good idea of how your retirement funds and future buying power will be affected. Or, if you prefer, you could seek the help of a Financial Advisor. For example, suppose you retired in January 2021 with an annual retirement income of $65,000. By January 2022, you’ll need an annual retirement income of $69,861.92.

Ongoing Changes in Government Policies

The most daunting financial threat you’ll face as a retiree is the constant changes and unpredictability of government changes to Medicare policies concerning benefits and premiums. An administration may decide to reduce benefits and increase premiums at any time due to unforeseen reasons. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicare Part B premiums have increased by 200% over a 20-year period. In 2022, Americans are paying monthly premiums of over $170 per month.

As an older person, you’ll most likely have great dependence on medical benefits and health care. Considering the average rate at which medical premiums and the cost of healthcare are rising, you can confidently say that your retirement security will be negatively affected if you don’t plan for it to some degree. Your retirement financial stability and challenges worsen considerably if you already have a chronic health condition before you even start retirement.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we all must start preparing ourselves for our retirement as soon as we enter the job market. This is easier said than done. It’s never too late to start instituting plans to prepare you for unforeseen shortfalls better.

Consulting a Financial Advisor will be able to give you guidance on these threats and more of the financial risks and the best measures that you can put in place to mitigate these threats. A licensed professional will assist you to plan for your future.



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