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Racial Justice: 3 Ways You Can Take Action Right Now

Active reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes and actions that produce equitable outcomes for all

Racial Justice: 3 Ways You Can Take Action Right Now

The demand for equality and an end to racial discrimination puts all American lives and the well-being of our country at risk. We can’t end poverty in the US without addressing racial inequalities. For everyone to reach their full potential, every US citizen must make a conscious decision and take action in their daily lives to reduce racial injustice and inequality. 

There have been (and still are) increased protests by racial justice groups to end systematic racism, oppression, violence, and racial divergences. However, there are many opportunities in our daily lives where we as US citizens can take action right now to support racial justice.

1. Choose to Support Racial Justice As A Way of Life

The power of example has a ripple effect on the people we surround ourselves with, and they may adopt your way of thinking and your example very quickly. You can start by drawing up a list and having a closer look at your choices at work. 

For instance, you can examine how you respond to emails from specific individuals or which people you mostly tend to set up one-to-one meetings with. Taking special note of your behavior will enable you to prioritize including and hearing people of color.  

Another example is identifying which charity organizations you’re donating to. By making small donations to organizations that work towards the upliftment of black communities, you’ll be making a significant difference. Lastly, you can make a conscious effort to support black-owned small businesses.

2. Call Out on Racial Injustice

You should call it out immediately when you hear or see racism.It’s understandable that you may be uncomfortable at first, but calling racism out and having difficult conversations is something that needs to be done. Unfortunately, some people aren’t always aware that they’ve been racist. 

A reasonable person will listen to your argument and be willing to examine the deeper reasons for their actions and words. They may be made aware of issues they weren’t aware of before and make a conscious effort to change.

3. Make Your Voice Heard

Your vote matters. Full stop. Voting in federal and local elections for politicians that aim to reform racial justice policies and inequalities makes your voice heard and brings about positive change. If we can collectively align our goals and come together, we can make significant changes in colored communities, create jobs, and much more. 

Changing legislation and economics can only happen if we vote for suitable candidates and get them a front seat in congress. We’ll be able to call on our elected officials to take action and bring forth changes. We can demand that our elected officials support legislation to limit the use of deadly force by police.

Take Action Now!

These are just some ways you can immediately take action in your daily life. In addition, you can join an online movement or join a safe and legal protest and most of all, you can educate yourself further and stay aware of daily news and developments. 

If there’s one thing we can take from history is that one man can start a movement and bring about massive change. Nelson Mandela’s legacy still resonates today, and one of his most memorable quotes we must remember is: It all seems impossible until it’s done.



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