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Local Jobs: 5 Tips to Start Your Search

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Local Jobs: 5 Tips to Start Your Search

If you’re in the market for a job, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared this straightforward guide to getting you started. Below are the best resources you can use to find your dream job.

1. Local Job Searching Resources

Local job search resources are sometimes the best place to start and are usually overlooked. You may be surprised to see how many businesses still use the old-fashioned method to advertise jobs. We recommend starting your search in your city or town (if you’re not planning on moving across the country). The following resources are most recommended:

Local Chamber of Commerce Website

Employers use these sites to post job vacancies for free; they’re an excellent place to start. Depending on your willingness to commute, you may search for jobs in neighboring towns. Employers will sometimes post vacancies on these sites before placing ads on other websites. You can refer to the Chamber of Commerce Directory as a starting point.

Social Media and Craigslist

Joining Facebook groups and checking Craigslist are excellent ways to find job openings. What’s great about Facebook groups is that you can post on the group that you’re searching for a job and what your qualifications are. You could be lucky and may be contacted by a prospective employer.

Department of Labor

If you complete a search for the ‘department of labor’ for your specific state, you’ll find this government website. These state websites typically have great resources for job seekers, including state-level job postings.

Colleges and Libraries

Some college and library websites post jobs, including many beneficial resources for job seekers.


Another job searching resource some people are missing lately is to check the local classifieds. Check your local newspaper’s classifieds daily. Many establishments and businesses still use the old-fashioned way. Some newspapers have affiliations with job websites. Keep in mind that local small and medium-sized businesses will primarily advertise locally. You also don’t need to go out and buy a newspaper each day. All you have to do is Google your local newspaper’s name, and voila, you’ll have the latest job postings at your fingertips.

2. Job Searching Sites

There are hundreds of thousands of job sites on the internet. An advantage to these sites is that you can search for your ideal job description and set it to search for postings within a certain radius. You can also search by zip code, state, city, keywords, company names, and more.

3. Google Jobs

Old trusty Google is a fantastic resource. Google Jobs combines all job postings from across the web, giving you a single point to access available jobs. It’s easy to start your job search, as Google provides a step-by-step guide.

4. Local Companies

Make an effort to read your local news, check for local companies on the Chamber of Commerce website, or go for a walk or a drive to identify storefronts. You can then check their websites and search for vacancies. This way, you’ll have direct access to their HR departments. As a tip, you can call them and make an excellent first impression by asking for more details about advertised jobs and arranging to drop off your resume by hand.

5. Follow Businesses on Social Media

Lastly, follow local businesses on all available social networks. LinkedIn works very well for this. However, you can also use Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, to name a few. Make an effort to connect with the business by participating in product reviews, conversations, and more to get seen. You’ll also have direct access to jobs immediately as they become available.

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