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Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Housing that is not too expensive for people of limited means / having no home or permanent place of residence

For further resources:

National Alliance to End Homelessness – ResourcesNational Coalition for the Homeless – Resources

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Talking about Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Incredibly high rent

There should be Safety Nets

Let’s help them find Home

affordable housing is the solution to homelessness

Develop units that are affordable for those in need…

  We need policy changes

This issue impacts us all

Your Video could go here…

  Your Video could go here…

Affordable Housing and Homelessness is:
  • Government

  • Hard to get
  • Underserved
  • Workforce
  • Belonging
  • Hope
  • Problem
  • Inequality
  • HUP
  • Los Angeles
  • Overwhelming
  • Emergency in many cities
  • Unfair
  • Gentrification of cities, pushing working men and woman out
  • Not in my back yard
  • LAFH
  • Always
  • Skid
  • Projects
  • Pillbox
  • Mexico
  • Jobs
  • Management
  • Cities
  • Beneficial

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