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Women’s Reproductive Rights

A woman’s right to birth control and other contraceptives, the right to a legal and safe abortion, freedom from taking forced contraception or being forcefully sterilized, having proper reproductive healthcare, and the ability to make informed and proper reproductive decisions

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Another video about women’s reproductive rights

Sara talks about women’s reproductive rights

Women needs to be able to decide what is best for their lives

It is our body, it is our right!

We don’t have to do that!

We own our bodies!

Women’s Reproductive Rights is:
  • Choice

  • Her right
  • Self
  • Personal choice
  • Needs improvement
  • Personal
  • Woman’s body, woman’s choice
  • Yes
  • Freedom
  • Women’s right to chose
  • Bad men
  • Fairness
  • Her choice
  • Choice
  • Abortion rights
  • Choice
  • Yes
  • Sucks
  • Their own, but not govt. subsidized

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