Federal Employees

People who work for the United States government

Federal Employees

Some people may work for a business, while others may work for a state job. Then, some work for federal jobs. Those people are federal employees. What are they? How do their jobs work? What benefits do they get? Those questions and more will be answered in this article.

What are Federal Employees?

Federal employees work for the government. Those people include-

  • Judges
  • Politicians
  • Heads of departments like Labor or State

Federal employees are people who work in law enforcement, public health, or science and engineering. Most of these jobs rely on clerical works, like-

  • Database administrators
  • Administrative assistants
  • Office clerks

These people are federal employees. To qualify as a federal employee, a job must fall under one of the three branches of the US government– executive, judicial, and legislative.

Federal employees are crucial for helping the government function and provide services to civilians.

Types of Federal Employees

Now that everyone knows what a federal employee is, it’s time to discuss the various types of federal employees. Each type handles individual actions and projects.

Administrative Federal Employees

These employees help with payroll, training new employees, and overseeing daily operations. They work in offices or government buildings that make policies. Some administrative federal employees are:

  • Accountants
  • HR specialists
  • Program specialists

Professional Federal Employees

These employees specialize in complex work areas like analyzing policies, assessing budgets, and providing healthcare. They work in government offices or facilities housing specialized practices, like law firms. Some professional federal employees are:

  • Financial analysts
  • Lawyers
  • Physicians in government healthcare facilities

Technical Federal Employees

These employees work on complex projects involving technology or concepts like product testing, scientific research, and public health issues. They work in government laboratories or research facilities. Some technical federal employees are:

  • Computer network administrators
  • General engineers
  • Research scientists

Blue-collar Federal Employees

These employees do projects requiring physical labor and skills like construction projects, HVAC maintenance, and housekeeping. They work in many locations in one day. Some blue-collar federal employees are:

  • Carpenters
  • Custodians
  • Welders

Clerical Federal Employees

These employees support other federal employees and perform office tasks like data entry, document preparation, and communication facilitation. They work in offices or government buildings containing offices for politicians. Some clerical federal employees are:

  • Administrative assistants
  • Office clerks
  • Program support assistants

Unspecified Federal Employees

These employees work in positions outside the others previously mentioned. They work outside government buildings and travel to different locations each work day. Some unspecified federal employees are:

  • FBI special agents
  • Firefighters
  • Police officers

Requirements, Pay and Benefits for Federal Employees

To become a federal employee, one must be a US citizen and 18 years or older. However, some federal employees can be 16 or older if they’ve earned their high school diploma or GED early. They can also complete a vocational training program or get written permission from their school.

One also has to meet qualification standards for whatever federal job, including:

  • Previous experience
  • Educational background
  • Professional training
  • Certification

Federal employees can be paid at least $50,000 annually, with some jobs earning almost $200,000 annually. Besides confident pay, federal employees can get paid time off, health insurance, and sick leave. More so, federal employees can make a change in their environments.