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We have all heard that taking care of the environment is an essential task and that it is everyone’s responsibility. We must not forget that this is the scenario where all living beings exist.

The environment is a space whose characteristics and circumstances favor the life and development of all the species we know so far. And not only this, but everything created by nature and man exists in it.

Reasons to take care of the environment

There are several reasons why any environmental problem should be taken into consideration quickly, among the most popular of which are the following:

  • It is the space we call home.
  • It allows the existence of biodiversity.
  • Promotes the sustainability of all existing life.
  • Admits population growth.

Summarizing the above points, one of the main reasons every nation must address the problems they are causing the environment is that we could be left without a home and a place to live.

It is in this space where the exercise of life happens naturally and spontaneously; thanks to biodiversity, diverse species can coexist. However, the most important thing is that each species has access to the resources it needs to live, which the environment provides.

But, there is much more, for as the population increases, the environment tries to keep pace with this growth. It allows us to obtain the necessary resources to continue living in this home.

Consequences of not caring for the environment

Many know how important it is to take care of the environment, while others have classified it as a secondary issue. In other words, it is not on the priority list of all nations.

But, not finding adequate solutions to combat the deterioration of this space can have terrible consequences for everyone.

For individuals

  • Contamination of non-renewable resources necessary for the continuity of life.
  • The exponential increase of extreme poverty.
  • The proliferation of serious diseases caused by various pollutants.
  • Poor access to potable water sources.

For the planet

  • Increased atmospheric pollution would lead to massive deforestation, thus increasing global warming levels.
  • Water pollution due to the increase of toxic wastes that move to the seabed.
  • Increased occurrence of climatic events such as extreme drought or hurricanes in several areas.
  • Maximized soil erosion levels.

For biodiversity

  • Climate change will bring species migration.
  • Extinction of some animals and also of many plants.
  • Aquatic animals will present disorientation and atypical behaviors.
  •  Massive fish kills due to water pollution.
  • Increased number of invasive species due to their displacement from their natural habitats.

As we have seen, failure to care for the environment can have catastrophic consequences for all species. And it is not only a problem to be addressed by the government, but significant changes can be made at home.

Although the government can issue sanctions for preserving the environment, work must be done before the damage occurs. The population’s awareness is one of the factors that should be taken into account because, in this way, the damage is warned and prevented in the future.

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